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Yes and no. You do not have to be famous, but being well-known can help you. Being a speaker is very much about branding yourself and your story or expertise. Just like among influencers it helps if you are already a public person of sorts so that you already have a number of followers on social media or a channel of personal networks. It is easier to call a brand new client about your presentations if you have a famous name just as you have better chances with speaker bureaus. But it is not necessary to be famous and it is not always an advantage.

At A-Speakers we have a good mix of what you might call “celebrities”, people who were famous before they turned speakers, such as actors, musicians, etc. However, we also have a number of speakers who were not famous, but have made themselves a name among speakers, through their speaking career.

If you are not a household name usually your story, your expertise and your impact need to be stronger. So as long as you are a good speaker and you know your material well you have a good chance of becoming a successful speaker with interested clients and a busy calendar.

A speaker bureau might help you with your career as speaker bureaus usually have years of experience in the speaker business, a large network and the means to advertise you and thus reach a larger and more relevant audience than what you started out with. But always remember; the best thing you can do if you are a new and maybe not so famous speaker is to get up on that stage and do presentations. Talk to guests after your keynotes, connect with them on social media and make sure to get good references which you can use career-wise.

Do not hesitate if you are not a famous politician, actor, health expert or TV host but you want to be a speaker. Some of the very best and most frequently booked speakers around were not famous before they chose to become speakers but managed to build a career and a network from more or less scratch, making good use of a solid combination of energy and strong material.

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