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Creating an online presence is not a matter of one day. At Indian Speakers and Coach Forum, we understand that well. We help you consistently brand yourself online to make the best out of your time and efforts. Being a leader, a trust factor will come to your audience when you are approachable. When you promote yourself at platforms that your audience checks, you can share knowledge, get queries and suggestions and much more. However, you might not be that efficient at first at using the social media platforms.

How to best introduce a speaker depends very much on who the speaker actually is. If for instance you are introducing psychology professor Svend Brinkmann, the introduction will typically be more factual and professional whereas an introduction to legendary Danish footballer Preben Elkjær should be more entertaining. You must try and make your introduction fit the theme and mood of the speaker.

Here are few tips that will help you get started: 1) Support a cause:
Decide what are the principles that you believe in and what exactly you want to support. Check relevant content about it on the internet and start following them. This will help you in step 4 as well. Narrow down your cause that you want to support. Your cause can be like, supporting budding entrepreneurs or supporting teachers. It can be anything. Know what you want to support. If your cause is innovative or not done before, then it is a bonus and win-win for you.

2) Decide what you want to be known for
What should people or businesses know you for doing? Decide that. In the long run, it is going to help you set targets and work towards them to achieve. Write a nice description of what are the things you want to be known for, like artist, author, motivational speaker, blogger, archaeologist, palaeontologist, biologist, physicist, and so on. Get a creative name for that as well. If not then, take help of tools available on the internet to generate your tagline.

3) Get social:
Connect with people that you know and you had been associated with. Explore more online about the industry related people. If you are a businessman, industrialist or an entrepreneur, connect with like-minded people on the internet. Collaborate with them on some level or the other to begin with and try sharing your thoughts by like, share, comment, pin and retweeting their content.

4) Research:
If you find something that interests you, bookmark it. On a similar lines, create something that you want to promote. Use online tools to make images, videos or just use your camera to speak something. Create a post on multiple channels such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Behance, Tumblr, Deviant art, etc. Use hashtags, tag people, write good descriptions, make funny content, use memes, and share other people’s content as well. They way your posts look must exactly describe what you do.

5) Implement your strategy:
Just like a NetFlix series, plan your posts and schedule them for a time when you think people are going to read it. Also engage with the people who comment or like your posts on personal chats. If you don’t engage, then people will think you are a robot. Join Forums, contribute articles to your website and on Wikipedia. Be a member of communities that support the same cause that you support.

6) Check analytics:
Check the insights available on all the channels where you have posted. Understand the engagement, impressions of posts, what kind of people are becoming more interested in your posts and so on. Keep a track of analytics every week on one pre-decided day. Highly recommended to check the analytics on Monday as you are see some difference.
Depending upon the results, re-structure your strategy. If you need some help understanding the analytics and how to successfully do lead generation out of your social media campaign, get in touch with ISCforum. We will guide you for the same. Also educate yourself online about the analytics.

7) Revise strategy
After checking the results in analytics, you will understand, which are the topics to post about and what time. However, don’t just let that remain there. Take it further with revising your plan and putting content on your social media channels and website that people want to read. Also, post them at their convenient times. Consider the target audience and act accordingly.

8) Ask for help:
If at any moment, you feel stuck and don’t know where to go, Indian Speakers and Coach Forum is there to help you. Just remember to give us a call before you begin your branding efforts. Call 1800-572-1510 to enroll with us if you are in India. Call +91 (895)672-3546 for rest everywhere else.

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